Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's The Crazy Life Week

This week absolutely exhausted me. We spent the majority of it at friends and away from home. While I love our friends, I don't do well with being away from home for very long.

It was so hot out I had to place ice cubes in my cats bowl, to keep the water cold.
 Our first little harvest of strawberries. They were so super yummy too :D

 After having my coupon binder stolen. My couponing community and friends got together and helped with this. I am so thankful to them all.

 It just keeps growing and growing. I love it :D I hope it never stops. The second year is supposed to be way better too.

 These are the green onion tests I was doing. The bottom plants have now died however.

 The beds downstairs. A bunny ate one of our pepper plants, but it's growing back beautifully. Everything else is doing really well also.
 I wish you could see all the flowers on the left hand tomatoe plants. I'm so happy they should produce well this year :D
 I made a strawberry sorbet/ice treat for us one day, and it was absolutely delicious.

 Three out of 4 of my new nail polishes from Julep Maven (if you wanna check out this mani pedi monthly subscription, click HERE) It's a mani pedi subscription that lets you choose different nail polishes and mani pedi product pkgs every month for only 19.99.

Lastly, This is what I have currently been working on for the wedding. The corsage straps for my mother and Aunty. A smokey coloured swarovski crystal centre and pearled white bead border.

Well That was my week. I will see you back here next weekend :D

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