Wednesday, December 11, 2013

To Close to Christmas Naughtyness!!!

OK so i was naughty....just a little bit.

I bought stuff for myself right before Christmas.

How could I not. It was a Cyber Monday sale on AMAZON....I LOVE amazon. Quick shipping, great prices, and AMAZING customer service.

So what did I get you ask?

We picked up Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness (YES.... I LOVE STAR TREK. Can't help it), Despicable me (the first one) and the X-MEN Trilogy. All movies one needs in there arsenal collection. Since then we have also picked Simpsons Christmas, and a Christmas compilation of all the old originals......Which we have to exchange the next time were in the city, cause the box was broke :(  

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Memories

Christmas is definitely high up there on my favourite
holidays list. I do love Christmas, and it officially starts for me when the local parade night happens. This year Nov 30th is the day. While not big and spectacular, this little town has some decent heart, that they put into there parades each and every year.

These horses are stunning aren't they!? I wish I had more to show you, but do to camera problems. This is the only thing that came out decently.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Veet® Easywax™ Electrical Roll-On -- First impressions Review

I decided to do a little bit of a first impressions for the new Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On Kit.

This kit will run you anywhere from $19-$26 roughly, and comes fully equipped with everything you need to wax.

  • A self heating device and its cap
  • A 50ml roll-on wax refill, specially designed for use on legs & arms
  • 12 reusable and washable fabric strips
  • 4 Perfect Finish Wipes
  • A base to hold the device and electrical cable
Starter kit available for legs and body. Two Easy Wax refills are available, one for the legs and arms and one with a smaller roll-on head, specially designed for bikini line and underarms.


  • simple and sleek design
  • easy to use
  • cartridges are easily installed in device
  • wax strips are washable and reusable 
  • comes with aftercare wipes for clean up and soothing
  • Unscented


  • Heating time of the unit is not the recommended 20 mins. I recommend more along the lines of close to an hour.
  • It does not seem to remove the hairs that easily, causing me to have to go back over the same area several times.
  •  The device itself gets kinda toasty to be holding

For someone like myself who has waxed, shaved, and used depilatory creams over the years. I found this wax system to be way to time consuming compared to the other waxing products I have used in the past. 

After a couple attempts at improving my experience with it. I still come to ill results and I don't think it works that well. I feel tethered by the plug keeping at correct temperature, and it doesn't seem to have the strength to pull even the majority of the hairs out.

A huge disappointment for me as I love the Veet brand.