Friday, June 8, 2012

The Ups and Downs of a Week

This week was quite a whirl wind. We were barely home :(

I worked in my studio reorganizing it, which lead to new product packaging half way through cleaning, Then we were in my home town making my bust form for my wedding dress, so I don't have to be home ALL the time while it's being made. Here's what we did LOL

I never got a picture of the finished piece LOL. But that was our Saturday. We also went into a neighboring town to do a bit of shopping as well.

This is Kiki, my folks new pup. She's absolutely precious, I love hanging out with her, and so does Matt. She sure loves him too. Lays on her back right beside him on the couch while he pets her belly.

I was in the city for the better part of the week so I didn't get any pictures of my plants and there progress, but I will update on Thursday with some pictures. Everything is growing so amazingly. We've already harvest a few of our strawberries and green onions. I now have a yogurt container completely full of green onion. I now need to find some good recipe's to use them up LOL. Our beefsteak plat now has flowers starting which look amazing :D.

So I'll see you again Thursday and show you how the rest of this week has went. Hopefully it will be a  lot more exciting LOL.

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