Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garden Update #1

A weekly post it is I guess. There really hasn't been a whole heck of a lot going on here. Just the same work, play, garden that I have been doing since the beginning of the summer (so a few weeks at best now). Here's our week in review for you.....picture style!

Let's start off with the gardening. Except for the strawberries. Everything else is doing well but growing VERY slowly.

 These were the extra onion bulbs that I decided to test in a planter box. The above photo was the day after planting them (mind you, they already had good roots on them)
 Look at that gorgeous strawberry. I absolutely LOVE this picture.
 Out of 6 green onions these 2 sprouted and continue to grow.
 This is the aerial view of our little square foot garden. The 4 middle dark green plants are ruby reds tomatoes, bright green stems are pepper plants, the empty looking portion in the front is all onions and the 2 on the left side are beefsteaks.

 These are the ruby reds before there transplant. They had almost doubled in size. They don't look this big in the garden now because I buried the bottom leaves hoping they will sprout and grow out to produce more foliage and fruit.

 You can see all of the new growth happening on the plants.

I love being able to track the progress of my garden. It's so much fun for me to wake up and see whats new and whats maturing.

 While rearranging the lining room I took one of our wicker baskets and put all our extra blankets in it, so of course my Bello thinks it's a new bed for her to chill out on LOL.
 This is what I got in the mail today LOL. It's a P&G Sampler package. LOVE IT :D
Meet my birthday present from Matt :D I saw it when we were out one day at the beginning of the month and he remembered it :D 
I LOVE owl's so this guy was awesome :D

Thursday, May 24, 2012

A New Birthday Start

I want to start off by saying HI, and welcome to a new blog I have been wanting to start for quite some time now. You will see a little bit of everything from my life here starting Today.....well technically the pictures go back a couple of days LOL. So without further ado, let me introduce myself.

My name is Elizabeth Duquette and I am currently 4 months away from getting married to the man of my dreams. Meet Matt, you will probably hear about him every once in a while. This was taken on a trip up our small towns nature trail. He LOVES to take pictures. Lately that's started to rub off on me too. Which is probably where I got the stunning idea to start this blog. I think it is also more for me personally to remember....kinda like an online diary that everyone can see.

Anyways our wedding is going to be small 40-50 guests and it will be in this small town LOL. Matt was born and raised here, and at the time that was all he cared about LOL. Since then we've realized he's more opinionated then most men about weddings. The wedding itself is all DIY, right down to making yes MAKING our own flowers AND my dress. I chose not to have living flowers anywhere in my wedding (saves us a ton of cash) so we are currently in the process of making roses out of coffee filters. They look pretty fantastic too. My Dad is amazing at pretty much everything he tries.  My mother is a seamstress and I used to design clothes in college so this was inevitable. We couldn't find what we liked in the stores so we devised our own plan and I LOVE IT :D lol.

More about me!? Well I currently design and create jewelry to supplement my current income. My "studio" is not that great but it works for me :D

 My workstation (above)
 some of my finished pieces (sold here)

So now that you have my work and upcoming life event in your mind. Here's where we get to my home life :D. This is just a little bit of what has happened picture wise in the last few days :D

Last summer we went to the final night at this drive in and were given a free car admission to the first screening of the year, which just happened to be Avengers OPENING NIGHT (OHH YEAH!! LOL) It was AMAZING (so amazing we went to theater with a couple of friends about a week later and saw it AGAIN in 3D). They always do double features so we decided to stay and we saw John Carpenter. It could have been quite a bit better, but all in all not a terribly bad movie.

These are just SOME of the new bracelets and jewelry I have designed for the shop recently. I'm really into stackable bracelets and faux leather lately.

This is the first morning after putting these in water to sprout, I was so excited :D

Ruby Red grape tomatoes
That same morning after transplant. This is what my ruby tomatoes and strawberries looked like.

 Tomatoe plant in cage
 cooking onions I planted cause they were sprouted at my mother in laws quite a bit.
These are previously sprouted and growing green onions. I know there a bit hard to see :(

This was today's progress. See how beautiful everything is growing :D

and this little corner of our living room is what I accomplished while sick the last couple of days. I absolutely LOVE IT :D

Now I'm off to go test out some new magnetic nail polish I've bought. So see everyone tomorrow :D