Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garden Update #1

A weekly post it is I guess. There really hasn't been a whole heck of a lot going on here. Just the same work, play, garden that I have been doing since the beginning of the summer (so a few weeks at best now). Here's our week in review for you.....picture style!

Let's start off with the gardening. Except for the strawberries. Everything else is doing well but growing VERY slowly.

 These were the extra onion bulbs that I decided to test in a planter box. The above photo was the day after planting them (mind you, they already had good roots on them)
 Look at that gorgeous strawberry. I absolutely LOVE this picture.
 Out of 6 green onions these 2 sprouted and continue to grow.
 This is the aerial view of our little square foot garden. The 4 middle dark green plants are ruby reds tomatoes, bright green stems are pepper plants, the empty looking portion in the front is all onions and the 2 on the left side are beefsteaks.

 These are the ruby reds before there transplant. They had almost doubled in size. They don't look this big in the garden now because I buried the bottom leaves hoping they will sprout and grow out to produce more foliage and fruit.

 You can see all of the new growth happening on the plants.

I love being able to track the progress of my garden. It's so much fun for me to wake up and see whats new and whats maturing.

 While rearranging the lining room I took one of our wicker baskets and put all our extra blankets in it, so of course my Bello thinks it's a new bed for her to chill out on LOL.
 This is what I got in the mail today LOL. It's a P&G Sampler package. LOVE IT :D
Meet my birthday present from Matt :D I saw it when we were out one day at the beginning of the month and he remembered it :D 
I LOVE owl's so this guy was awesome :D

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